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Segundo Barrio Children’s Chorus offers musical instruction and bi-lingual performance opportunities based on music from the folk, classical, indigenous, and popular traditions, for students ages 8-12, as well as an early childhood immersion program for children ages 4-7. 



Summer music enrichment camp introducing basic principles of singing and music theory, as well as learning music in English and Spanish languages.


Running June 5 - June 29th,  the program  takes place Monday-Thursday at Yolanda Black Navarro Middle School and at Edison Middle School, in the heart of the East End, culminating in a public performance at the school’s 900-seat theater.



After-school programming focused on developing and honing musical skills while performing bi-lingual repertoire that represents the many cultures of our students and families. 


Students will meet once weekly Thursdays after school and on Sunday afternoon as needed to develop skills like ear training and sight singing which are needed in preparing for public performances and activities. 

For Children ages 8-12, "Los Jóvenes Cantantes" is our main performing and singing group. These children serve as ambassadors of cultural representation for Second Ward and the Greater East End.  Public Performances at community and city-wide events help raise awareness to the importance of arts and culture education and representation. These performances are an crucial part of our programming which celebrates cultural identity building character and self-confidence in our children. 

For Children ages 4-7, "Los Exploradoes Musicales" is our early childhood music immersion program. This group of children meets just once a week to explore instruments, rhythms, and become exposed to many different genres of music from Opera to Symphonies and more. 


A robust schedule of public performances at schools and family community events in the East End and Greater Houston. We aim to celebrate our community and raise awareness of the importance of music and cultural representation in the arts.


Please check our EVENTS page for a list of confirmed public performances.

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