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Segundo Barrio Children's Chorus can be an outlet for creative expression and learning for your child, and we want to meet them!

Several times a year we offer opportunities for parents to bring their child to be evaluated through the process of an Audition. 

The audition does not require any prior experience in singing or music instruction, however,  we do try and determine through some simple exercises if your child has the ability to match pitch and sing within the vocal range required of our music pieces. 

We must stress that all SBCC  programs require regular and consistent  attendance. In order to maintain a high standard for music performances this activity should be considered a priority fo your child. 

Acceptance into the SBCC program is as much a commitment for the parent as it is for the child .

AUDITIONS for all 2023/24 Programs for The Segundo Barrio Children's Chorus are held year around. Please fill out audition registration from below to request an audition. 
Children will be placed in one of the following programs:
1. Los Jovenes Cantantes - (ages 8-13)
Main Performance Ensemble - Requires a strong commitment by child and family. Rehearsals 2x per week plus performances during the school year. 
2. Los Principiantes - (ages 7 -10)
Beginning Performance Group, children with little to no musical experience. Rehearsals 1x per week, Christmas Presentation and Spring Presentation 
3. Los Exploradores - (ages 4-6)
Early immersion musical training. Meets 1x per week, Christmas and Spring Presentation. 

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