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Our mission is to enrich the lives of children and families through music education and performance opportunities which engage residents, build communities, and share with visitors the unique cultural identity of Segundo Barrio/East End.
Our program  targets children from Spanish-speaking households ages 4-12. By utilizing a unique, culturally-informed curriculum, the choir aims to reduce drop-out rates, strengthen families, and foster pride in community for residents and visitors.
Through collaborations with Houston Grand Opera,  The Alley Theater, and Houston Symphony, we aim to bridge the gap of access to the classical arts and foster self-esteem and discipline, while developing  goal oriented values and a work ethic crucial to succeed in life. 


Our programming is offered at no cost to the students and families, ensuring access to the highest quality arts education opportunities regardless of socio-economic circumstance. 


Our vision is for the chorus and its members to serve as proud ambassadors of the Latino/Hispanic community, championing bilingual programming representing the ethnic and cultural makeup of our students and their families. Our goal is to maintain a robust schedule of performance appearances at community and city-wide events meant to raise awareness for the importance arts and culture education and representation. 


The residents and community of Houston's Historic Second Ward and the greater East End District, specifically children from Spanish-speaking households are the primary focus of our programming. For the students who participate, they will receive access to music education and training at the highest levels. Musical training is proven to foster goal-oriented learning, character building, and teamwork. Beyond just musical skills, children will learn preparedness, discipline, and performance, in short, a skillset which the children will carry with them throughout their lives. 

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